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Love, Betrayal, Revenge...



"How shall we begin?" asked the vampire mindfully. Angela Polidori has invited a vampire into her house, but this is not the type of vampire she normally interviews for her blog; this is the notorious Blood Countess of Hungary. The vampire woman is eager to share her story and begins to tell her tale of bloodlust, betrayal, and revenge. The studious librarian, Angela, is more than willing to listen to the enchanting, disturbing, and erotic confessions of the 16th century vampire woman as she carries us back in time to a fateful night in Venice, where the mysterious stranger chose to steal her away from the mortal world of the living and embraced her into eternal darkness. She takes us back to the place and time of her birth in Transylvania…to the night she was forcefully turned into a bloodthirsty creature of the night…to the dark castle of the most notorious vampire in all of history…to Bohemia, where she meets the eldest vampires in the world…and finally to Prague, where she begins her quest for revenge against the one who made her the villainous monster that she ultimately became.

Available in Paperback and Kindle.
 "Mr French is a very talented writer" --Diane
 "The writer is very talented and keeps you interested throughout the story and describes everything to give you a feeling of being part of the story." --Sherrih
 "The author made a strong storyline that kept your interest and developed characters that felt real. It didn't take long for me to sympathize with some characters. It didn't take long for me to develop some dislike towards other characters. The book goes along at a quick pace so that it doesn't lose your interest but it doesn't feel rushed. All in all, the story was one of the strong points of the book." --usranger13
"The characters are relatable and realistic. The story will keep your attention all the way." -Terra King


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